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    Technology Overview

    “To empower students to engage in 21 st century technology and communication skills through exposure to various forms of technology and bolstering social/emotional intelligence within every child.”

    Technology is a powerful communication tool, and should be used to enhance communication, not replace the face-to-face interaction between people. Fundamentals are crucial, even in moderate computer use. This is where each student is starting in the computer lab, with fundamentals such as keyboarding, mouse control, research skills, and accessing resources, to name a few. Once each student is able to prove his or her skills, then they are able to move on to a higher level of computer use.

    We are teaching to both the academic AND creative sides of the students’ minds, where they learn through play, allowing room to make mistakes. When the students hear the words “we’re not saving today!” they know that it’s safe to explore. As the students learn more through this exploration, they will be doing things like adding in music and animation to words to make them “jiggle”!

    Leveling the playing field is at the crux of the success of technology at John Hay. Every single student, from every cultural and socio-economic background, has equal exposure and accessibility to technology at school.

    Computer and internet-safety is practiced at all times in the lab and in classrooms. Students are taught to use technology as an academic and creative tool in a positive, responsible and respectful manner. Using the resource Netsmartz, the teacher is able to integrate a dynamic internet-safety curriculum into another that empowers students to be safer online.

    Kids in computer lab


    Technology teacher:
    Andrea Crossman


    9:25 a.m. to 3:35 p.m.

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