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    We believe that students must feel safe in order for John Hay to be an effective learning environment. In addition, to our rules and expectations, we have taken the following steps to reduce bullying and ensure that all students feel safe and welcome at all times:

    • Adopted school-wide anti-bullying rules, based on the internationally-acclaimed Olweus framework
    • Implemented the 2nd Step citizenship and social skills curriculum for grades K-2
    • Implemented the Steps to Respect citizenship and social skills curriculum
    • Developed a system to recognize and encourage positive behavior

    John Hay Anti-Bullying Rules:
    We will not bully others.
    We will help students who are being bullied.
    We will include students who are easily left out.
    When we know someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

    Kinder Buddies

    As a part of our mission to provide personal success for every child and to build a strong sense of community, each of our kindergarten students has a special 4th or 5th grade buddy. Our kinderbuddy program, a highlight for our younger and older students, is designed to help our newest students transition more smoothly to school, as well as provide a leadership opportunity for our older students.

    Kinderbuddies, in conjunction with teacher planning and preparation, meet together several times a year to read, take field trips, share a Teddy Bear Picnic, or spend time together talking and sharing. Each partnering Kindergarten and intermediate classroom teacher work together to plan and implement their own Kinderbuddy activities beginning with students spending 4 days having lunch together during the first week of school. This unique program is just one example of how John Hay comes together to be a welcoming and caring community.

    Student Leadership Opportunities

    As part of our commitment to personal success and public stewardship, John Hay offers multiple opportunities for individuals to participate in leadership and assistance roles throughout the building.

    Library Aides – Selected by the librarian each year as students from each classroom volunteer to work during recess in the library.

    Student Council – Each classroom in grades 1 through 5 select two representatives to sit on the John Hay Student Council. Meetings take place once per month during lunch. Teachers may select students using any system they choose. Older reps report to the K/1 classrooms following each meeting.

    Patrol – Teams of students arrive early and/or stay late after school to patrol our crosswalks and assist walkers in safely crossing the neighboring streets. Patrol Students must be at least 10 years old, demonstrate responsibility and leadership, and be willing to follow directions. This important leadership opportunity is coordinated by our physical education teacher. Interested students are selected each year.

    Islandwood Camp

    As stated in our mission, John Hay is committed to providing multiple opportunities for children to find personal success and give back to their communities through learning about and participating in public stewardship. Our "Outdoor-School Overnight" program at Island Camp provides just such opportunities in a magical and natural environment.

    Islandwood Camp, a 255 acre outdoor learning center located on Bainbridge Island provides outstanding learning experiences that inspire a desire for environmental preservation while teaching young learners about the fragile yet amazing natural world in which we live. Islandwood provides children an experiential "hands-on" approach to school using the environment as the classroom. Instructors use the nature around us to teach about earth science, citizenship, and personal responsibility. The scope of lessons provided by Islandwood instructors closely match our district science curriculum and are aligned with the Washington State Science EALRS (Essential Academic Learning Requirements).

    Each year, all 5th graders, their teachers and parent chaperones catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island for 3 nights and 4 days of learning, team building and fun. “Camp” is consistently the highlight of a child’s John Hay experience. Through our Outdoor School Overnight program, 5th graders experience the time of their lives in a safe and secure environment full of sights and wonders that only nature can provide. The program is tuition based. Fund raising efforts subsidize tuition for all participants, and limited scholarships are available. Outdoor School is for everyone!

    For details about this program, contact your student's teacher.