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    Requesting Transcripts and Other Student Records

    Former Students, Universities and Corporations

    To request student records (transcript, diploma, graduation status or other student records) or to verify the graduation date of a former student, please use our Online Student Records Request System.

    Current Students

    If you are a parent/guardian of a current student, a recent student who is underage or a student that is transferring out of the district and need any of your *student's records, please reach out to your student's most recent school via email or voice message with your request. Although schools are closed, staff are still responding to email and voicemail requests.

    *In response to COVID-19 and School closures, Seattle Public Schools has ‘expanded’ an existing process to allow current High School students and parents of underage High Schools students to request official and unofficial copies of their High School transcripts via an online request system at no cost to the requester/student.

    Please access the Online Student Records Request System.

    • Select the ‘CLICK HERE if you are a CURRENT student or a PARENT of a current student under the age of 18’ option.
    • Fill out as many fields as possible, including the ‘Delivery Method’.
      • ‘PICK-UP’ as a delivery method is not currently an option.
      • The number of copies needed is identified when you add a Delivery Address(es).
      • A copy of the requester’s ID will need to be attached to the order. A photo of the ID taken via a phone is sufficient.
    • Select the Information Type(s) Requested: Official High School Transcript. Also, if an official/electronic copy is acceptable, check the Please select if you want the record sent electronically option as well.
      • Students may send ‘Official Electronic’ Copies of their transcript via email. The PDF file of the student’s transcript that is received is certified and the authenticity can be verified by any recipient of the file via the following website:

    Please contact us if you have any questions. If you are having technical difficulties with the ScribOrder Online Request Tool, please reach out to

    Notes: Under normal circumstances, requests for transcripts by a current student or the student's parent/guardian would be directed to the building administrator at the student's school. When schools reopen and school staff are in a position to respond to transcript requests, this online request option may be disabled.

    Records for Transferring Students

    If you are a parent/guardian and are proactively requesting records for your student who is transferring out of the Seattle Public Schools, please see the Current Students guidance for how to proceed.

    Requests from other Schools/Districts

    If you are from a School or School District that needs records for a former Seattle Public Schools Student, please reach out directly to the student's last school. If you do not know who to contact, either

    1. Access the General Contact List for Schools for the basic contact information for all schools OR
    2. Search for more specific contact information on a school's website (i.e. Administrative Secretary or Data Registrar) - school websites can be found via the School Directory page.

    When submitting your request, please make sure to include all of the necessary information that will help us fill the request in a timely manner:

    • Student's Information
      • Full Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Student's current grade level
    • Requesting School's name and address
    • Requester's name, title, email, phone number, fax number
    • *List of Records being requested
    • Private Schools should also include a signed release form

    *Academic History, Transcript, Attendance/Truancy Records, State Exam Scores, Health Records, Proof of Washington State History, IEP/504/ELL if applicable, Elementary Progress Report(s), Transcript, Discipline, SAT/ACT scores, etc.

    Please note that Seattle Public Schools is not using the OSPI Student Records eXchange at this time, though solutions are being explored.

    Questions or concerns? Contact us!

    Public Records Request

    Online Request System for Transcripts, Diplomas and Graduation Verifications for former and current students and families

    Student Records Office
    Submit an online request/question

    Student Records - Subpoenas/Legal Requests
    Robin Wyman
    Sr. Legal Assistant/Office Manager
    Phone: 206-252-0110

    Special Education Records (IEP, other)
    Fax: 206-252-0895

    GED Records
    GED Records Before 2002
    GED Records After 2002
    For more information, GED Phone: 360-704-4410

    Student 504 Records
    Phone: 206-252-0885
    Fax: 206-743-3046