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    Drinking Water Quality at Seattle Public Schools

    Seattle Public Schools considers student health and safety as a top priority. Over the last several years we have adopted and implemented a set of rigorous standards which have set nationally recognized standards for safe drinking water quality in public schools.

    The program was established by the School Board, which adopted a Drinking Water Policy in 2004. It includes periodic testing of each drinking water source in each school, coupled with reporting of the results.

    Due to COVID-19, all drinking fountains are closed and drinking water testing is temporarily halted for school year 2020-2021. 

    Drinking Water FAQ

    Read the FAQ for water fixtures at Seattle Public Schools.

    Water Quality school report

    The results for all schools are available online. For each school, you can find two sets of reports for most schools (summary of current status, and results of tests prior to 2004). These reports will be updated as new information becomes available. To view these results, please visit School Testing Reports page.

    Test results for years prior to 2004 are available from the Water Quality Coordinator. Please email to request.

    Sources which do not meet district standards are disabled, or signs are posted at sources which are not routinely accessible to students. Where appropriate and necessary, bottled water is supplied if a source is shut off.


    • Board Policy: Drinking water Quality and Access
    • Drinking Water Quality Remediation Plan: Beginning in late 2003, the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) began a comprehensive effort to test the drinking water quality in sources in all of its buildings and take appropriate remediation measures. This effort included testing in each of nearly 100 separate schools and buildings, public notification of results, and remediation activities in the schools. This report documents those efforts and sets forth procedures to be used by SPS in maintaining the high water quality results achieved. The authors believe this report can also serve as a model and provide important information for other school districts throughout the country. To see the full Improvement Plan with attachments A to R, please contact Water Quality Coordinator
    • WSDOH Lead in School Drinking Water
    • Seattle Public Utilities water quality

    Contact Us

    Shelly Kerby
    Water Quality Coordinator
    206-743-3031- FAX

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