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    Seattle Public Schools provides detailed information on how each school, and the district overall, is performing. Performance and accountability reports are produced by the Research & Evaluation (R&E) department in partnership with the Department of Technology Services (DoTS). These reports help guide and inform district and school improvement efforts and provide important information about our schools to our families, community partners, and the broader public.

    District Scorecard

    The District Scorecard is an annual public data report summarizing district progress in meeting performance measures and targets aligned to the strategic plan, including important benchmarks for eliminating opportunity gaps and improving equity. The scorecard shows district-wide performance across five categories: Academic Milestones, Commitment to Equity, Effective Teachers and Leaders, Positive School Environments, and Stakeholder Engagement & Satisfaction. Visit the District Scorecard webpage for access to the most recent report. 

    School Reports

    School Reports are annual public reports that show the overall performance of each school with a current snapshot of student academic performance, climate, attendance, family and staff engagement. For the most recent reports, visit our School Reports webpage.