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    Naviance: An Online College and Career Planning Tool

    Share Feedback About Naviance

    We would like to hear feedback from parents of students in grades 6 - 12 to help us improve the delivery of Naviance and other college and career planning supports. Learn more and take survey.


    Naviance is the district's tool for students in grades 6th through 12th to explore colleges and career paths, analyze skills and talents with career and personality assessments and help stay on track to reach academic goals.

    Student Access to Naviance Grades 6th - 12th

    Students in grades 6th through 12th have year-round access to Naviance except during maintenance time periods that are announced by the vendor or the district in advance.

    How to Access Naviance

    How Students Log into Naviance

    Students log into Naviance through the Seattle Public Schools’ student portal (not the Source). The student portal and Naviance can be accessed both at school and from home.

    Each student must know their district username and password to access the student portal. Students can contact any teacher or librarian for assistance with their district username and password.

    Alumni Access to Naviance

    Graduating seniors lose access to the district's student portal after they graduate. Graduates who would like to continue using Naviance must change their username and password in Naviance before August 1. This will enable alumni to access Naviance directly at

    Step-by-step instructions for SPS alumni Naviance accounts.pdf icon

    If you have questions, please email for assistance.

    Summer Support for Students 

    If you need help over the summer, please send an email to with your full name, a phone number if possible, and a brief description of your issue or question. You can also leave a voice message at 206-743-3600. The central office Naviance team will respond to you within two (2) business days.

    Parent and Guardian Access to Naviance

    Naviance parent guardian accounts are now available. Access is view-only plus the ability to add colleges to your student’s prospective college list.

    Note: Having a valid user account for the Source, the district’s parent portal, is a prerequisite to obtaining a Naviance parent guardian user account. Read about parent and guardian access.

    Benefits of Naviance

    Student Benefits

    Naviance helps high school students:

    • Explore college possibilities and career fields
    • Create a 4-year course plan and stay on track for high school graduation
    • Understand financial options for college including scholarship search
    • Identify best-fit colleges, college majors and careers fields
    • Develop resumes and portfolios for job and college applications including their transcript and letters of recommendation from teachers

    Naviance helps middle school students:

    • Learn about themselves
    • Become aware of the wide range of career possibilities available to them
    • Build a strong foundation for high school success (course selection, grades, graduation)

    Family Benefits

    Naviance helps families:

    • Research career and college possibilities with your student
    • Help your student take ownership of college and career planning process
    • Help your student examine their strengths, interests and goals
    • Explore financial options for college including scholarship search and financial aid information
    • Stay up-to-date on time sensitive dates

    Watch an overview of Naviance:

    Student Data and Opt Out Information

    During the formal purchase process completed in 2018, the district thoroughly vetted Naviance's policies and practices with respect to preserving data security and student privacy. We know every family is different and respect your families' views about protecting student data. Families may choose to opt their students out of using this tool during an annual opt out time period (window) at the start of the school year. Read more about Naviance's commitment to data security and student privacy.

    For students to utilize the college application support tools in Naviance, some student demographic and academic records need to be shared. This includes gender, ethnicity, and transcripts. Seattle Public Schools uses Naviance to deliver high school and beyond plan lessons in grades 8-12.

    The High School and Beyond Plan is a Washington State graduation requirement. By opting out of Naviance, you are opting out your student of this curriculum and your student will be given an alternative activity while peers are using Naviance to meet the high school and beyond plan graduation requirement. Please note the alternative activity is limited to the minimum requirements for Washington state.

    Opt-Out Windows for 2020-2021 Grades 6-12

    Parent guardians, non-parent guardians, and students who are 18 years or older may document their decision to use or not use Naviance in the Source starting on Monday, August 17, 2020 through Friday, September 25, 2020.

    During this 6-week period, to opt your student out:

    1. Log into the Source
    2. Choose "Preferences"
    3. Under "Application Preferences" click on Naviance to display the online form
    4. Document your decision and click "Submit." You will receive an email confirmation for your records

    If you need a way to opt out other than through the Source, please call 206-743-3600 and leave a voice message or email and we will provide an alternate accommodation for you.

    Read about how to set up a Source account.

    What happens if a family misses the opt-out window?

    If a family misses this window, please call 206-743-3600 and leave a voice message or email and we will provide an alternate accommodation for you. Families will be notified in advance to minimize missing the window.

    Regional Community Meetings

    A series of community informational meetings were held in September 2018 to share what Naviance is, how it works and what steps are being taken to protect data and student privacy. You can view the presentation here.