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    Family Participation to Encourage Scientific Thinking

    Science is all around us.  We appreciate that all families have rich, every day, lived experiences that will contribute to our science unit. We encourage families to share those experiences. Each unit is constructed around a storyline through which students gather evidence to figure out a puzzling phenomenon. We would like to invite families to be a part of the sensemaking of the storyline with their child by helping their students think, “this reminds me of…”  We ask you to help maintain the focus of “students figuring out the phenomenon” rather than “telling about the science” by elevating your child’s ideas through questions and showing your curiosity about their thinking. Below you will find resources to help you guide your child's path.

    Next Generations Science Standards

    The Next Generation Science Standards guide our work in Seattle Public Schools.  More information and parent guides can be found at About NGSS.

    Washington State Common Assessment of Science (WCAS)

    The Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) will be administered beginning in spring 2018 at 5th, 8th, and 11th grade.  These tests fulfill the federal (ESSA) requirement that students be tested in science once at each level: elementary, middle, and high school.  For more on WCAS, visit our WCAS webpage.

    Grade Specific Family Letters



    Family Letter Needs of Plants and Animals

    Family Letter Pushes and Pulls

    Family Letter Sunlight and Weather

    Unit Map K 

    First Grade

    Family Letter Animal and Plant Defenses

    Family Letter Light and Sound

    Family Letter Spinning Earth

    Unit Map Grade 1

    Second Grade

    Unit Map Grade 2

    Third Grade

    Unit Map Grade 3

    Fourth Grade

    Unit Map Grade 4

    Fifth Grade

    Unit Map Grade 5

    Middle School




    High School

    HS Parent Letter Phys B


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