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    ŠƏqaČib Classrooms at Nathan Hale and Jane Addams
    Posted on 01/10/2020
    This is the image for the news article titled ŠƏqaČib Classrooms at Nathan Hale and Jane Addams

    By student Lucy W.

    The following article is from the Jane Addams Middle School Pawprint Newspaper, November 2019

    Jane Addams and Nathan Hale share a class a class for Native kids to learn about their culture. The class teaches the children to have pride in their culture and to be successful in life. When I visited their classroom I was taught that they believe “for each young person that grows up strong and healthy, they bring health and healing to seven generations ahead of them and seven generations behind them.”

    ŠƏqaČib is a southern word that Lushootseed word that means “to lift up” as in honoring. The first ŠƏqaČib class Started at Chief Selth Highschool. Shortly afterward students from Denny Middle school where able to have this class where they could celebrate and get academic support. The class at hale just started in January of 2019.

    Sophia Martinez says “ It’s a place where we can talk about our culture and not have people ask what things mean or wheat they are.” She then goes on the explain that its and environment where she feels safe and can talk to people. I can 100% agree with her! They heat up tea in the morning, have amazing banners and posters on the wall and even have a cute little welcome mat. You really can’t help but feel at home. Native ed is also a place where kids can make up work that they missed or get school help. Sophia also states that “Native ed is a place where I can feel supported with my school work.” She also said this while working on a World History project.

    They say that they want more students during the first and second period, so if you are Native consider signing up for this class.