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    Building Rentals in Operating Schools

    Hourly Building Rentals

    Seattle Public Schools hourly facility use, Parks Department and inter-agency joint use agreements in operating schools are processed through online schedules. Procedures for hourly space rentals are described below.

    Contact us with questions about hourly facility use at or 206-252-0640.


    All facility use is cancelled when schools are closed due to an emergency and/or inclement weather.

    The Scheduling Calendar for the Academic year 2020-21 is closed.  All use of SPS facilities (buildings and grounds) must be authorized at the school level and availability confirmed at the school level prior to submitting an online schedule.

    All school building activities including school day instruction, health services, enrichment programs, hourly rentals, etc. are canceled until further notice. 

    Please refer to the Seattle Public Schools website for additional information and updates to this cancellation.


    We only accept Checks or Money Orders. We do NOT accept cash or credit cards.

    Upon receipt of an approved online schedule, the Building Rental Coordinator will review the schedule to ensure that the request is in compliance with School Board policies. When all the following requirements are met, the online schedule will be activated and an email notice sent to the contact person on the schedule.  Use of the facility is not authorized until the online schedule has been changed to "Activated".

    Community Nights in School Libraries Program

    Low Cost Meeting Space For Community Groups and Organizations

    (this option is not available for commercial or business organizations)

    Seattle Public Schools and the City of Seattle have partnered to provide a program that offers inexpensive meeting space for community groups and nonprofit organizations. If you are a participant in the Community Nights Program, please follow directions below on how "to submit a building rentals reservation request as a Community User (Non-District, outside groups only)." When creating your User profile, please make sure under Organizations you select Group 1c - Community Nights. Open this PDF for more information on this program.

    To submit a building rentals reservations request as a community user

    (non-district, outside groups only)

    It is very important to read the information regarding building rentals prior to submitting an online schedule requesting use of Seattle Public Schools property.

    Use of School Facilities Policy 4260   
    Use of School Facilities Procedure 4260SP

    Prohibited Activities/Food Trucks/BBQ 


    1. Contact the school first for availability and preliminary approval to use the facility.
    2. Online Scheduling Process: Submit your room reservation request online through the SPS Community Use website.
      (If you need technical assistance in use of the SPS Community Use portal, please contact SchoolDude Tech Support at 1-877-868-3833)    
    3. Submit an online Schedule at least fifteen (15) working days prior to the date of the event.  A non-refundable administrative fee is due upon online approval of the Schedule.  Filming activities require (18) eighteen working days & $50 non-refundable administrative fee.  See fees and information in the Film Packet for Film/Still Photography below.  Late Schedules may NOT be processed.   
    4. An insurance certificate naming Seattle Public Schools as the additional insured and total payment of fees must be received before an online schedule is Activated for use of the facility. Attach the certificate to the online schedule when submitting the schedule in SchoolDude.
    5. Payment is mailed to: Seattle Public Schools, Building Rentals MS:23-311, PO Box 34165, Seattle WA  98124-1165.
    6. To ensure proper credit to your account, please include organization's name (as on the online Schedule) and Invoice Number on the check.
    7. Once all the requirements are met, the online Schedule will be activated and notification sent to Applicant via email.  Access to the facility is not authorized until the online schedule has been completely processed and changed to "Activated". 


    Insurance Requirements for Community Users

    Seattle Public Schools requires insurance for use of its facilities by other than Seattle Public Schools staff and events.  Proof of insurance is required to register to use facilities in the Community Use section of the Building Rental User Profile. If your group does not have its own liability insurance policy that meets Seattle Public Schools' requirements, you may purchase coverage for your event(s) through a program called the Tenant Users Liability Insurance Program (TULIP).  Read more information on this program.

    How to update insurance information on a submitted schedule or an organization's profile in SchoolDude

    Send a PDF of the insurance certificate to showing Seattle Public Schools as the additional insured as follows:

    Seattle Public Schools
    Building Rentals MS:  23-311
    PO Box 34165
    Seattle WA  98124-1165

    Provide the FS Schedule ID No. if a schedule was submitted in SchoolDude without attaching an updated insurance certificate to the schedule.

    Heating and Cooling Set Points for SPS Facilities

    Classroom, Office

    • Heating Set Point: 68 degrees
    • Cooling Set Point: 76 degrees

    Lunchroom, auditorium

    • Heating Set Point: 65 degrees
    • Cooling Set Point: 76 degrees

    Gyms, hallways

    • Heating Set Point: 62 degrees
    • Cooling Set Point: No mechanical cooling

    Scheduling Kitchen Use

    Click to go to Catering and Kitchen Use Guidelines 

    Scheduling of School District Athletic Fields, Concession Stands and Facilities

    Click to go to Scheduling Athletic Fields, Concession Stands and Facilities

    Leasing in Operating Schools 

    Click to go to leases in operating schools forms and documents

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    Hourly Building Rentals:
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