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    The 6th Annual School Learning Gardens Network invites you to join our next presentation, July 21st at 1pm. 

    Dr. Flowers, or How To Build Plant-Conscious Relations with Nat Mengist, M. Ed., University of Washington  Be sure to RSVP here. Space is limited.

    The first three presentations can be viewed below:

    Session 1 Root Bound:Growing a Revolution, Nyema Clark, Founder and Director of Nuturing Roots 

    Session 2 Stories from the Garden, Nicole Parish, Foxberry Garden Educator, Patty Lavelle, Jane Addams Garden Educator

    Session 3 Learning in Places, Following the Rhizome:Designing Equitable Models of Field-Based Science, Priya Pugh, UW Bothell, Jordan Sherry-Wagner M.Ed., UW Bothell

      -School Gardens Remain Closed For Now-

    Just a reminder that all school gardens and sites are closed until further notice.  We will begin allowing a limited number of approved sites to open to groups of up to 5 for garden activities.  You must reach out to us for approval and guidance if you would like to return to your site. 

    If you tend a school garden and do not receive emails from us please contact us.

    For questions, please contact Colleen Weinstein, or Gretchen DeDecker,

    The Self Help Projects Program is part of the Facilities Department. The Self Help Program is responsible for coordinating the review, approval, tracking and oversight of all Self Help Projects.

    A Self Help Project is:

    Any project to improve our school buildings or grounds which is initiated and implemented by anyone, or any group, other than staff from Seattle Public Schools' Facilities, Capital or Technology departments.

    Some examples are:

    • Grounds stewardship
    • Improving a school playground
    • Creating a mural
    • Developing or enhancing a school garden
    • Painting a classroom
    • Landscape renovation
    • Community volunteers service day

    If you have an idea that’s not listed, check with us to see if it falls under Self Help Projects review.

    All Self Help projects require prior approval by the Seattle Public Schools Self Help Review Team to ensure that each project:

    • is appropriate for our buildings and grounds,
    • complements programs taught in our schools,
    • complies with School Board policies,
    • is completed to District standards, and
    • provides record drawing.

    You've got a great project in mind? Wonderful! Complete and submit a Self Help Project Approval Application. We'll review your project and get back to you with Conditions of Approval.

    Please browse the sidebar for additional information.

    Contact Us

    Gretchen DeDecker
    Program Manager
    206-252-0637 Phone
    206-252-0646 Fax

    Colleen Weinstein
    Projects Coordinator
    206-252-0619 Phone


    Forms for Project Approval

    -please save these forms to your computer to fill out, attach to an email and send to

    Project Guidelines

    Project Insurance Requirements

    John H. Stanford Memorial Grove

    Links to Resources and Funding Opportunities