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Today’s highly effective schools must work diligently to find ways to meet the needs of the individual learner. At Hay, we offer several tutoring programs designed to supplement the core curriculum in areas of reading and math. If you are interested in applying for a regular-paid tutor position o rto volunteer as a classroom tutor at John Hay, please contact the volunteer office. All of our volunteer and paid tutors are carefully screened in accordance with district and state policy,are supervised by school administration,and are held to the same high standards expected of all John Hay Staff members.

Kindergarten Tutors

The transition to elementary school from home or preschool can be difficult for some of our youngest learners. To provide the best possible opportunity for success in this important first year of school, each kindergarten classroom has a trained, adult tutor who works alongside the classroom teacher for several months of the kindergarten year. Tutors, under the direction of the classroom teacher, serve students in small groups or as individuals with early literacy and math skills, cooperation and play skills, or with help in learning and completing tasks and following directions.

Math Tutoring

John Hay Elementary provides math tutors in all 2nd-5th grade classrooms for one hour per day during math instruction. Under the direction of the classroom teacher, tutors work with students to provide additional support and individual attention to ensure that all students develop the reasoning and problem-solving abilities they will need to grow and achieve in all areas of mathematics. In addition, a tutoring center is staffed at designated times throughout the day as a support for students requiring additional help with independent practice activities previously taught in class. Students are directed to the tutoring center by the classroom teacher where one-to-one help is provided by trained adults in a friendly and quiet work environment.